1. bassman5911:

    Dieselpunk aircrafts by Christian Pearce

    First off, I quite like these. I love the Corsair, but I think the engines in the Lightning should have been symmetrical. And I’m a realist, so the double decker thing doesn’t work for me. But again, I love the art.


  2. fdasuarez:


    laughing in the ouside crying in the inside lololo. study, kinda D:

    This is just stunning.


  3. Just liked this photo. My internet’s waging guerilla warfare against me, it comes and goes.


  4. I wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of these guys.


  5. "The Duel."

    Not my work.


  6. More Dieselpunk Day! This time, Jeremy Love, Marc Sansom, and Seth Engstrom. Enjoy!

    (Source: conceptartworld.com)


  7. In honour of Dieselpunk Day! Jim Martin, a new favourite concept artist. I love the golden, gilded flying machine, bordering on Steampunk ideologies. 

    (Source: conceptartworld.com)


  8. 2/2. 

    (SOURCES: x (unable to locate) / x / x / x / x / x / x / x)

    Thanks to takemyhandanyway.tumblr.com for doing their homework.


  9. Part 1/2.


  10. I honestly can’t tell if this is real or digital.

    (Source: hyperuniverse, via swordfightonsubway)


  11. Wait…what?

    By Michal Matczak.


  12. On top, the original DKW Hummel, built in the early 60s. On the bottom, my quantum-locking “DKW Hover.”