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    “They’re tank busters sir, P-51’s”

    “Angels on our shoulders.”

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    Pre-A 1951 Porsche

    1951 Porsche 356 Pre-A. One of the first Porsche ever built. Out of Zuffenhausen with the chassis n°10891, the 506-Type 1300cc, and a very rare clock in option. Reutter gave him a wonderful Radium Grün (n°510) painting.

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    Jaguar Lightweight E-Type (by Car Fanatics)


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    "Weekend" by Ai Wei Wei.

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    nail sculptures by marcus levine

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    Cafe Racer Design Source
    Suzuki GSX1200 @caferacerdesign


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    Photos of Aviation : facebook | twitter | instagram


  12. photosofaviation:


    Photos of Aviation : facebook | twitter | instagram


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